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Why the name Aspen Appraisals?

This has been my company name since 2000. Since I am located in Brecksville, Ohio, some have asked why I chose Aspen Appraisal Services as my company name. I grew up in Denver, CO. Aspen was one of my favorite places to visit. The town is beautiful and the mountains and scenery are simply breath taking. While I don't get back to Aspen as much as I would like, it is still one of my favorite places to visit!

How Adjustments Are Derived

There are many different ways to derive adjustments from the market. There is not a single way that works all of the time. The following are some ways that I use to derive adjustments from the market: Multiple regression, single line regression, income capitalization, depreciated cost new, paired sales analysis, grouped paired sales analysis and the market survey method. There are other methods. However, I use these the most.

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