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It Has To Be Possible & Most Probable!

Soon it will be possible for civilians to travel to space for pleasure. While that sounds awesome, is it probable that many will take the trip in the near future? How probable is it that the majority will be willing and able to pony up the tens of thousands of dollars needed to purchase a ticket for the ride? Just because something is possible doesn’t make it probable. How does that translate to real estate? POSSIBLE & MOST PROBABLE When appraising a home, an appraiser is estimating the market value of a home. On most appraisals you will find a definition of what market value means. On page 4 of the Fannie Mae Form 1004 March 2005 form, a definition of market value is stated. It states that

3 Ways To Cope With Revision Requests

The spring selling season is upon us and the market is kicking into high gear. That means increased work volume for appraisers. However, with an increased workload comes the likelihood of more revision requests. Sometimes it’s because we missed something in our reports. Other times, it’s because the person reviewing our reports missed seeing what they were looking for, even though it was there. There are few things that make an appraiser's blood boil more than unnecessary revision requests. As appraisers, we work hard to make sure that our reports are accurate and supportable. When our reports are rejected, it is hard not to be upset. It is important to note that there are no perfect apprai

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