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www.ClevelandAppraisalBlog.com Has a New Home

Hello everyone! I would like to sincerely thank you for following my blog posts! I really appreciate your support and I hope that you have enjoyed my posts. Over the past year, one thing I have noticed is that on the current WIX format, it is difficult for my readers to share their comments. It is important to me to hear what is on your mind as well. Additionally, for some readers, the WIX blog platform is a bit cumbersome to read and to share with others. Therefore, in the past few weeks I have been working on a new website for my blog posts. It is now at www.clevelandappraisalblog.com. You may be thinking, hey, isn't that what your url was already? The answer is yes! I originally had set

Bank Appraisals vs. Private Appraisals...What Makes the Most Cents?

What’s the difference between a “Bank” appraisal for lending vs. a private appraisal? If an appraiser appraises a home for a lender and on the same day performs a second appraisal of the same property for private party, will the values be different? I recently had a client tell me that their real estate agent said that bank appraisals are usually inflated. Oddly enough, I have heard others say just the opposite. Do appraisers manipulate values based upon who their client is? Do they wear a more 'conservative' hat for one type of client and a less 'conservative' hat for another? (In my experience, the term 'conservative' is code for honest). They shouldn't. However, there are a small number

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