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Aspen Appraisal Services is a proud member of the www.FindMyAppraiser.com. We are part of a network of independent Real Estate Appraisers from around the country that are trusted, knowledgeable and ready to help you! 


Trying to price your home yourself? If you're not in need of an appraisal, we still may be able to help you! Did you know that one that one of the most common ways to price your home inaccurately is by having an inaccurate idea of the gross living area (GLA)? Don't rely on public records for determining your GLA! They are often incorrect. You can hire us to measure your home to ensure that you have an accurate idea of your GLA. You can also hire us to take professional photos of your home that you can use to list your home. You can also hire us to make an FHA inspection of your home to point out any FHA violations. This will help to ensure that your home is ready to market to FHA buyers. These are just a few of the ways we can help you to sell your home. There are many more! Call us today!


Are you looking to purchase a home to flip? Professional investors will tell you that you make your money when you buy your investment property, not when you sell it.

There is a maximum to what you will be able to sell a home for once the renovations have been made. We can appraise your potential purchase and estimate what it will be worth once all of the renovations are made. This will help you to know at what price  you need to stay at when buying your investment home.


Have you qualified for an appraisal waiver on your loan? That is a sign that you have good credit and have made wise purchasing decisions in the past!

If you have qualified for an appraisal waiver on your loan, you can still have an appraisal made to make sure that you are not over-paying for your home? The real estate agents and the bank want you to buy a home. But they are not disinterested third parties. An appraiser is! Hiring an appraiser will provide you with piece of mind that the property you are purchasing is truly worth it. The price of an appraisal is a small fraction of the cost of a home. The cost of a private appraisal will be less than it would be if ordered by a bank. But it will still have all of the same research and analysis that an appraisal completed for a bank will have. And, if hire the appraiser, than you are the client, not the bank. So, you can ask anything you would like to about the appraisal  and the appraisal process. This cannot be done if the bank  orders the appraisal!


If you are going through probate, you will likely need a retrospective appraisal in which the market value of a property is estimated based upon a specific date. (Often, the date of death of the home owner)  We have decades of experience in appraising real estate, including  appraisals for probate and other kinds of estate  planning. Our reports are detailed, comprehensive and affordable. 

Do you have appraisal questions? Send me a note below. I am happy to answer any appraisal questions you may have.  If you would like a free quote on the cost of an appraisal, send me a note below along with the address of the property to be appraised and the reason for the appraisal. Call anytime!

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